Sunday, July 16, 2017

The war has come and gone, and I was not naked.

I managed, however, to cleverly not pack my yellow dress, but was happy to have remembered to throw in the burgundy dress at the last minute, or I certainly would have been.

The cunning plan for production sewing never really manifested, for all that I'm nearly to another complete dress, this time in light blue wool with yellow guarding:

I'm happy with how it's looking. I just need to finish the inside waist seam, hem it, then do the closures and sleeves.

In the mean time, this little ditty from the "Been Gonna Do" list went and got done did, today. I found - after an unnecessarily long search - some white wool challis, with the intention of making myself a kerchief to wear when it's chilly, but not cold.

The inspiration artwork is from these delightful ladies:

I didn't do process photos since I busted this out on my sewing machine because real blackwork wasn't something that was going to happen. But I am pleased with the result, as mechanical as it is. I may add to it, over time, I may not. But meanwhile, I will no longer look quite so disheveled when tucking this thing around my neck. My machine did not like sewing on this fabric, so the lovely patterned stitch that was supposed to happen...didn't. But it looks OK, so I'm-a run with it.

It's the accessories, you know, that really tie an outfit together...

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