Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Just when you thought it was safe to wander off...

...I did another thing! Several years ago!

An Tir has a tradition of giving "non-traditional" documentation, typically of Peerages. Rune stones, majolica, cloaks, you name it and someone's made a "scroll" out of it. A few years ago, when I was co-Royal Scribe, we needed to come up with County things for the stepping down Savaric I and Dalla I. I strong-armed Rauokinnn into doing a shield for Savaric, and wound up having to come up with something for Dalla on my own. I chose a banner in the Viking Age style, since that is/was her persona. Sadly, I didn't get a photo of the finished work, and I wasn't able to be in court, so for YEARS I had no idea if she'd even received it, let alone liked it (communication was...not a strength of my employers).

Facebook, once again reminding me of Things I've Made, coughed up one of the design drawings today. With the help of Reginleif I was able to learn that did, in fact, get it, and that she loves it. That's gratifying - so much of the work I do goes off to its new life, and I have no idea what people think of it.

So, as documentation that I do, in fact, have a broad set of skills, here are the two photos I do have, and a visual reference of it's shape:

An example of a Viking Age banner:

Dalla's Arms:

In my construction, the black sections of the black and white border extended past the banner edge to make delightful sticky-outy bits, as demonstrated in the example, and I added a coronet at the top (IIRC). It was pretty keen, if I do say so myself.

The charges - chickadees - look like this:

I'm really bummed that I didn't get a good photo of the finished work, but was mostly pleased with how it turned out (the white wool fabric didn't take to appliqué as well as I would have liked, but I was on a deadline). I'd do something like that again, for sure.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Facebook has its uses

Due to Facebook's Memories feature, this came up: A Court Barony I did for Liadan in Skeggi and Tasiia's first reign. I really love the Book of Kells/Lindisfarne style, and hope to do more of it soon.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The last scroll for the foreseeable future

A very nice lady - Alessandra Luciana Giancomo - is being recognized as a Pelican, today, up in Tir Righ. Her Peer - Viscount Steinn - asked Duchess Hludwige to do the scroll. Her Grace could't fit it into her schedule since the time frame was very short (like, a month), so she asked me if I would take it on. I said yes, and then promptly wound up traveling for the better part of two weeks.

I had some grand ideas, at the start:

These particular hopes were dashed when I looked at my timeline (basically a week and change), and my skill set.

So, I settled on this as inspiration. Steinn said it didn't need to be fancy, so I went with it.

The recipient's persona is late-period Venetian, heraldry is part of what she's being recognized for, and I feel like the Cap of Maintenance is woefully underused. Definitely more simple than the above ideas, and what is typically handed out, but I really appreciate how straightforward it is. You can tell from a distance who the person is, and their rank, and I think it's quite striking.

Here's how it played out, in pictures:

Aside from a bit of line-tidying, here's where it ended. Gouache and ink on pergamenata. I incorporated a bit of the blue and white from Tir Righ's heraldry, just for funsies, and the rope around the device is yellow-ish to give a nod to her having been a protegé.

Overall, I'm really pleased with how it turned out. And now I have a design that's suitable for short-order requests for a variety of instances.

My takeaways from this project are that I should consider some sort of sealant underneath paint on this thinner perg. It buckled quite a bit under the gold because I needed to get decent coverage, although I think some time under pressure would resolve a lot of it. Also, I should get to practicing gold leaf. I've done it before, I just didn't have any of the good stuff around, nor any adhesive. If I'd had some, I might have considered doing the Or of the device in shiny gold because anything worth doing is worth doing gilded.

These are things I will consider when I hit the shores of Drachenwald, as my An Tir scribal studio is now shut.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Next up: Another scroll

Based on this beaut: Armes de Catherine de Médicis (f°1v) - 1519

I made another thing!

My friend Madalena and I tag-teamed the creation of the scroll commemorating our Baron's elevation to the Order of Defense at May Crown, this year. It's based on the Romance of Alexander, and tells a delightful tale. I did the overall layout and initial inking at the beginning, and painted the marginalia at the end. In between, Madalena did the story, calligraphy, gold leaf and formal art. We're pretty pleased.

So, here are a bunch of photos, from inspiration and initial sketches to the point where I handed it off, and then the thing in its finished glory:

Del libro d'Enzio

The moment Enzio saw the bear he was filled with joy: likewise, when Bucephalus set eyes on Enzio, he bowed before him as if Enzio had ridden him since the beginning of time. Enzio called for bridle and saddle; no one was brave enough to deliver, so Enzio readied Bucephalus himself and away he rode. You would have laughed to see the people fleeing in all directions!

Later, during a splendid feast, a herald of Giovanni entered, declaring ‘Giovanni commands you render tribute, and thank him for allowing you to hold your land in peace so long!’ Baron Enzio, with glowering gaze fixed on the herald, shook his head – all who beheld were stricken with fear and awe. But even ablaze with loathing he retained control; he rose and in lordly fashion said: ‘Tell Giovanni these lands will never pay him tribute, and assure him that, for his offensive arrogance, I shall separate his head from his shoulders – if he is brave enough to meet me!’

In days Enzio assembled a massive force, greeting them with honour and such gifts that they were astonished by his largesse, graciousness and bounty. And Baron Enzio ordered his men to advance, and he himself rode at the front on the mighty bear Bucephalus.

The battalions clashed. Bristling spears and lances thrust, men and horses came crashing down, brains and blood gushed and spattered, and arms and heads and legs and necks were severed pitilessly: it seemed the sky was raining gore. Men were captured and rescued again with fearful effort and at terrible cost: the worthy, the brave and the valiant killed each other in a slaughter terrible to behold. And in the midst of it all was Enzio, naked sword in hand, seeking out the greatest numbers and the thickest press, performing such feats that the truth would read like fiction!

Giovanni was a shameful fugitive in his city, hearing Enzio’s herald proclaim, ‘As you’ve demanded tribute for noble Baron Enzio’s land, he’s bringing it with a hundred thousand men! He’s in your land preparing to make payment! He challenges you to single combat, if you dare.’

Giovanni finally found courage, and the two, filled with prowess and valor, drove in their spurs and charged at each other on mighty bear and supple unicorn, with all the force they could summon, each intent on destroying his foe. In this first clash they exchanged such blows that their lances smashed to pieces! They drew their swords and assailed each other with all their might. For a long while it was impossible to say who would win, for Giovanni was strong, a good foot taller, and endowed with greatest courage – but for his avarice and pride he’d have been one of the worthiest knights of his age; but Enzio was generous, courteous, strong, brave and clever, incomparably more so than Giovanni. On these two men fought with might and main, buffeting and battering one another; but at the very end Giovanni lost both sword and helm, and Enzio cast them aside with no thought at all of mercy or ransom, struck off his head, and fulfilled his promise.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Lion's Torse V2 FINAL Final

It went much better the second time. I had a REALLY hard time getting into the calligraphy groove, with this one. But the end result is mostly OK. I hope he likes it.

For those unfamiliar with the Lion's Torse:
Founded by King Steingrim, membership is awarded by the king to those whose armour worn on the field is functional, historically accurate, and esthetically pleasing.


I totally forgot to mention - this is a mashup of Der Fectkampf, a Bavarian fighting manual picture book, and the Mira calligraphiae monumenta. I think it totally works.

Friday, March 30, 2018

And then I started another scroll...

...and then proceeded to wreck it pretty thoroughly. Thankfully, I still have another month and a half before it's due.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bona Fide Originals...

So, life isn't all charters all the time, for all that I enjoy them as a creative exercise, and I LOVE seeing how others approach my designs (totally gratifying, tbh).

Sometimes, I do original scrolls - don't fall over from shock. I'm still trying to track down a few more photos, but here's what I have to hand.

The Potissimus Hippocampus and Lion of An Tir have been previously documented, but here are some others. Some with original inspiration and process, even. Because I have one. Sometimes.

Albrecht von Rugen - Viscounty
Gouache, gilding, and ink on paper

I love this manuscript, and I love how this scroll turned out. I'm pretty sure the gold leaf is composite, and marks the only time I've done it - I need to explore that a bit more. German text. This was one of my entries into an A&S competition - I honestly don't remember if it was Kingdom or Principality, but I got good marks on it.

Loegaire mac Lochlainn - Court Barony
Gouache and ink on...pergamentata? I don't even remember.

Dozens of inspiration images, one terrible photo of the original sketch. I somehow managed to not get a picture of the rest of the process or the finished product, which is a shame, because it turned out pretty well, I think.

Gabrielle Lepinay - Court Barony
Gouache and ink on pergamentata.

The recipient loves rabbits, and was stepping down after serving as Baroness of Wyewood. The shields are simple variations of Wyewood's arms, the kingdom checky, and her personal device.

Duncan Tuddio - Cheval et du Lion
Gouache and ink on paper - awarded after a successful year as Equestrian Champion. Last-minute request.

Alicia du Bois - Sable Scrivener
Gouache and ink on pergamentata

It's always a joy to do a scroll for a friend.

Armand de Castille - Lion's Rapier
Ink on pergamentata - awarded after a successful year as Queen's Champion of Rapier

Elisabeth de Rossignol - Indenture
Ink on pergamentata - cut in half and presented upon the occasion of my apprenticing