Thursday, August 24, 2017

Things are afoot at the Circle K

First, I made an INCREDIBLY satisfying donation to my local Gold Key, last week, ostensibly as part of the general purging of The Penthouse in preparation for The Great Move, but also to rid myself of a few garments that just made me angry. Buy me a drink, sometime, and maybe I'll tell you about that, but the upshot is, I have some serious impetus to get my kit together, because - until the end of this post - I was down to...a dress and a half.

The blue dress still needs the inside waistband done, a hem, and the sleeves and closures sorted out. I may get to that before Crown, I may not. MORE IMPORTANTLY, however, I zoomed over to Beloved Peer's house, last Saturday, and had her help me cut out and construct most of a new coat. and by "help" I mean I contributed to the cutting and the ironing, but she did all of the constructing. It seemed well-balanced, and I helped her cut something out for herself, and there was wine, so not completely lopsided I guess.

But, coat. The one I've been wearing (which she also did most of the work on, back in the day) has really seen better days, and - frankly - wasn't all that protective against the elements. It's a gorgeous color, though, so there's that. Meanwhile, I've had an AMAZING piece of cashmere/wool blend fleece aging in my stash for probably fifteen years. Its time had finally come. Using some dark olive wool left from Etienne's fire sale a few years ago, and Margo Anderson's Comfort Gown and Mod Pack*, we did the needful, and put that bad boy together. The next day, still high from the progress, company, and maybe the wine, I carried on with the embellishment and finishing.

It went a little something like this:

Eleanora, of course, was the inspiration, sort of. I mean, if I need one.

SO! Constructed coat and lining, before their perfect marriage:

You guys. That fleece. IT'S SO FLUFFY.

And the trim. So glorious!

The trim: in situ. I might have squeed at this point. Yes. There was squeeing.

The trim: Applied. That shit's iron-on, yo. I'm not even kidding.

I put a bit on the collar, too, to give it a bit of heft when I want it fully buttoned, and some body when it's folded down. know...visual interest.

And then there was the bias binding. Miles and miles of bias binding...

So here's where it at the moment. I need to finish the bottom hem, and get the cuffs sorted out. I have some black frog closures coming my way, and that will finish it up.

It went together like a hot damn, really. I'm now feeling very confident that the super fancy brocade version that is on the list of Future Garments will go together just as easily. I'm also looking very forward to not freezing at events.

ETA: OMG! OMG! OMG! Like, two months ago, a friend wanted to order some stuff from a place and was looking for some others to help round out the order for free shipping, or something, so I got in on that. She dropped off my purchases, tonight (which - I'd totally forgotten what I'd ordered) and a bag of 50 of these bad boys was in it. They are PERFECT! Thanks, Past Me!!

*I get no kickback, but seriously...her patterns are great, and VERY well put together. Huge fan.

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Cts. Elisabeth said...

It looks fabulous and the day was wonderful. Everybody wins!