Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Maybe I'm sublimating, but I've been thinking about all of this a lot, lately

So, I ordered a bunch of lace off of eBay, last night, because I feel that my apron needs SuperFancy lace at the bottom, and then there were 10 yards of this other lace that I like to use on chemise collars and cuffs - but in ivory not white, which I prefer - and I think I need to be done with eBay for a while before this gets out of hand because then I started to go down the rabbit hole of fabric, and you see where this is going.


But still...fancy daggy lace for my apron.

Requisite justification for my choices: I cannot be bothered, at the moment, to actually tat my own damn lace. I understand the principle, and could describe the process to someone well enough, but it isn't where my interests lie, and I ain't got that kind of time, and my Renaissance Counterparttm wouldn't have been likely to do it herself, either. So. I purposefully seek out modern laces that mimic period patterns, techniques, and materials, like this stuff. It meets the 10 foot rule, and isn't horribly modern (read: optic white rayon, impossible patterns, obviously machine-made). And it means I may see the end of this project in a reasonable time-frame, which is important to my motivation. <--- KEY CONSIDERATION Unrelated: I'm thinking this might be the year for another run at the Historic Cookbook Lenten Recipes during actual Lent. It was Scappi, last time, which I might try again, but I've since picked up a couple of other useful tomes (Early French Cooking, a Neapolitan thing, and maybe an English one, IIRC), so I might veer toward something new. It was kind of fun, and did get me eating more fish, which is just a good idea in general. It will be interesting to see how the nutritional content stacks up against my commitment to Paleo/Keto/Low Carb. It's also kind of fun, in an "understanding my Renaissance Counterparttm" kind of way.

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