Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We interrupt this program...

...for a brief announcement.

I've been needing/wanting a coat/zimarra for both fancy and cold. I even went so far as to purchase Margo Anderson's Comfort gown package with Italian mod pack in preparation, then spent a bunch of time on the internet trying to find suitable fabric.

That last bit was silly.

Turns out, I probably have enough of the green/gold brocade I got off Dagmaer's Buy Nothing list for the fancy one, and some silk to line it with. This is great. I also realized that I not only have enough lightweight olive wool (from Etienne's fire sale a few years ago) but it's THE PERFECT GARMENT to use the cashmere-blend fleece - that has been aging for far too long in my stash - as a lining. PERFECT. Also, the wide antique gold, iron-on trim I got a million years ago will be perfect. PERFECT.

I am most pleased.

Right, then.

As you were.

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